August 19


On Thursday 10th August, wellbeing advocate Joel Jelen, founder of Wellbeing Ubiquity and Sniff, Sigh, Yawn, teamed up with BIPC Liverpool City Region and Liverpool Art Fair for a special indie authors’ showcase at our city’s world-famous Royal Liver Building. Joel has recently published his own book Why Does Daddy Breathe Funny? which tells the children’s story of young Esther, who wonders why her daddy breathes funny. She finds it embarrassing when they are exercising in the park. She notices that her mummy burps a lot, and her daddy doesn’t feel well sometimes so she worries about him.

Joel’s A-to-Z book includes a glossary of new words for children and short notes about better breathing for parents. Slow down, relax and read this book with your children to find out how you can all breathe better and improve your health.

To celebrate the release of his new book, Joel gathered an incredible group of outstanding wellbeing individuals, each with their own remarkable stories to share, to mark his special occasion and the full story of Joel’s great Indie Author’s Showcase evening at the Royal Liver Building can be read in the September issue of My Planet Liverpool and here online from 31st August 2023.

Meanwhile you can buy Why Does Daddy Breathe Funny?  via the direct link below, which can be also be viewed in the Arts & Creatives and Health & Wellness categories on this website




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