July 16


Liverpool-based Workplace Wellness and ESG company Sniff Sigh Yawn, which runs a mix of showcases from interactive workshops, masterclasses, on and off-site events and one-to-one consults in person and face-to-face, has begun its latest project with new client, Samson Security.

Samson Security has its HQ and command centre based in Wavertree and the acclaimed security solutions business is keen to continue its ongoing commitment to team wellbeing which the company began long before workplace wellness became a trend.

Samson Security’s Andie Fessey said: “We recently had an amazing session with some of the team and Joel Jelen from Sniff Sigh Yawn. I can highly recommend his work and we’re already trying his techniques. We are all looking forward to his next visit.”

Joel, a well known wellbeing advocate across Merseyside, believes companies like Samson Security have been setting the tone for the way forward in ESG and workplace wellness.

“I know from speaking with Andie and members of the team that Samson Security are a fine example of how progressive companies working in the corporate and SME space can help provide a genuine level of care for their people through implementing wellness initiatives.

“Many of the companies i’m meeting now acknowledge that there is a direct correlation between having workplace wellness plans in place and their ability to retain staff, enhance productivity, performance and profit.”





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