March 20


As the Spring Equinox approaches, Liverpool’s famous party venue, 24 Kitchen Street, will launch a unique event that aims to redefine the clubbing experience.

“Movers n Soul Shakers,” scheduled for this Sunday, March 24th, invites revelers to an evening of conscious partying, featuring breathwork, meditation, sound therapy, and a sober dance.

“Movers n Soul Shakers is not just a party,” said Geniene Azalea, “it’s a movement towards a healthier, more mindful clubbing experience.”

Recognizing the positive impact of dance on social, emotional, and identity development, the event promotes alcohol-free conscious clubbing as a credible alternative to traditional drinking-focused nightlife.

“Sober raves have been popping up all over Europe in recent years,” adds Geniene.

Renowned DJ Nell Shakespeare, with 15 years of experience entertaining in Ibiza, will take attendees on a musical journey. After the dance, sound therapist Geniene with a decade of meditation teaching, will provide a blissful sound bath experience alongside Jake Jervo.

He expresses a commitment to prioritize mental and physical wellbeing through events that make people feel better. “Movers ‘n’ Soul Shakers is being created as an open space for all to dance and feel part of something together. The combination of rhythmic movements and soothing sound aims to unleash all the feel-good hormones, offering a unique and rejuvenating experience.”

Geniene maintains the event’s purpose is to “connect like-minded individuals who seek the joy of dancing without the drawbacks of a hangover.”

Jake Jervo, a resident drag artist from local LGBTQ Club Night Sonic Yootha and part of the Movers n Soul team, emphasized the importance of connecting mind, body, and spirit through conscious dancing.

“Dance is a form of therapy for me, and I can’t wait to share our sound baths and just have a dance with some new souls.”



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