March 8


LIVERPOOL BASED People and business development coach, Jamie Wray, is redefining the landscape of customer experience, leadership culture, and personal and professional development in the city and beyond. 

Jamie Wray is the visionary founder and CEO of Ways to WOW, a leading people and business development agency dedicated to empowering organisations through innovative strategies, leadership development, and cultural transformation.

Now the agency is kicking off 2024 by launching coaching programs, events, and motivating workshops, such as WOW Moment Engineering, World Class Leadership Techniques, The Art of WOWing Others and Find Your Ways To WOW, which will help businesses to transform transactional customer service into memorable experiences.

In the years following the pandemic, consumers are more discerning than ever before – especially in the hospitality industry, where loyal customers develop over months but can be lost in an instant.

However, Ways to WOW has developed solutions for delivering sustained excellence over the past 5 years, with an impressive roster of clients including blue chip companies such as Novotel, Melia Hotel Group, Spire Healthcare, Solo Car Sales and many dining experience companies.

These insights are now being made available to companies of all sizes through the agency’s comprehensive offerings, encompassing events and consultations, immersive training sessions, and hands-on workshops, all aimed at enhancing brand presence and elevating customer experience standards.

One standout success story is multi award winning, Liverpool based, Antonio’s Bar & Grill, led by CEO Tony Cummins.

Since partnering with Ways to WOW, Antonio’s Bar & Grill has gained recognition with accolades including LTG Global Awards Winner 2023, Hospitality Business Of The Year 2023, and Gold Ribbon Good Food Awards 2023, among others.

Tony Cummins praises Jamie and his team for bringing clarity to their business, creating a brand identity that strongly differentiates from competitors and most importantly, improving culture, training processes, and leadership. He also notes regular customer feedback recognising their expectations not only being met but being truly exceeded.

Ways to WOW exercises all the principles it advocates on itself. Soon to be rebranded as ‘Ways to WOW Group’, this people and business development agency is poised to elevate its impact in the hospitality arena through the introduction of immersive training spaces, leveraging advanced lighting, sound, and visual elements to enhance educational development, training, and data visualisation.

Jamie Wray commented: “In a world rapidly being re-modelled with AI, remoteness, small screen isolation and virtual experiences, Ways to WOW is firmly anchored in people, culture, experience, and humanity.

“I have delivered customer experience initiatives in the UK and Europe for the last 12 years. Never have I seen such a keen interest in the hunt for memorable experiences. The aftermath of Covid, cost of living crisis and desire to break the isolation of lock-down and small screen dominated loneliness has people striving for that WOW experience – an experience that is woefully hard to come by, but so easy to remedy and deliver!”

Jamie Wray’s famous quote “If you’re not WOWing, you’re not winning” has now become a mantra used by many businesses across Liverpool to improve their team performance and customer experience.    


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