February 8


Helen Griffin-Booth comments on the city’s lettings market and where she thinks it’s headed in 2023

We’re always keen to speak with experts in their field and who better to catch a snapshot of 2023 in property than Helen given her experience, credentials and excellent reputation in the city alongside her team at Bluerow Homes.

Here’s Helen’s response after we quizzed her on the city’s rental market…

“Liverpool’s rental market and it’s growth continues unabated right now and is a follow-on from the surge in rents rising at a steady rate throughout 2022.

“Supply has been limited, coupled with a massive increase in demand, and this has been driving the growth in the last 24 months, plus of course we had a disastrous autumn budget and sharp mortgage rate rises, but the rental market has remained unaffected.

“In spite of inflation, interest rates and global events continuing to dominate the headlines, plus supply remaining constrained, it’s difficult to see anything other than a strong market for landlords and an ongoing buoyant rental market throughout this year.”




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