September 28


My Planet Liverpool is delighted to relate this wonderful story of how adopted Scouser and Co-Owner of Happy Days Group & Hotel Anfield, Peter Schriewersmann, worked with his team to help to fulfil a German lady’s dream of visiting Anfield for a Liverpool FC home game.

Dagmar Noé is crazy about football. She is a Hamburg SV fanatic who all her life has watched her local team play home and away. She had watched a programme on German television featuring Hotel Anfield, which is situated at 23 Anfield Road, in the shadow of the LFC stadium. Dagma then sent the hotel a letter telling of her dream of being able to make a trip to Liverpool and watch a Liverpool FC game at Anfield.

Peter says. “Here at Hotel Anfield we wanted to help Dagma achieve her dream. Apart from her home address, Dagma’s letter contained no other contact details and so we wrote back to her, and over time we continued to exchange with her via letter, in the ‘old school’ way. “Then, last Saturday, the 23rd September 2023, we were delighted to help Dagmar, who had travelled to Liverpool with her nephew Felix, get to fulfil her dream,  being able to experience the special Anfield atmosphere and the added bonus of seeing LFC beat West Ham 3-1.

The very happy duo enjoyed the hospitality provided by the hotel and also met a few interesting people during their trip, including the man known as the ‘voice’ of Sky Sports Germany, Tony Tomic (pictured below with Dagma and Peter Schriewersmann (on right, with microphone) and she and Felix were especially delighted to meet LFC legend Steve McMahon (pictured above with Dagma and Felix).

Peter adds, “This is why, at Hotel Anfield, we do what we do. We simply love to bring happiness and enjoyment to others!”








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