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At the Royal Liver Building, May 1st – May 7th 2024

“There is a resonance between the world within us and the world we create around us”.

Acclaimed London artist Lucy Temple is bringing her extraordinary hand painted, geometric water colours to the iconic Royal Liver Building in Liverpool. This is Lucy’s first solo show outside of London and she feels honoured and excited to introduce her work to our city’s creative and innovative audience.


“Everything starts with a circle” Lucy reminds us.  Renowned psychologist Carl Jung saw Liverpool as being the centre of the metaphorical, circle of creativity, famously saying “Liverpool is the pool of life”. “I’m painting the stars” Lucy references her favourite childhood song “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”.

Lucy’s kaleidoscopic and intricately detailed work is based on ancient Islamic designs nuanced with pop art influences.  The underlying subtext is the heartfelt connection between mind, body and spirit.  “We are all made up of patterns” she says, “There are patterns in flowers; in trees and seeds; cloud formations; sand shapes when the tide goes out; patterns on our skin and in the iris of our eyes; patterns in the stars and the solar system and everything under the sea; in music and rhythm; patterns in our behaviour and in our thinking”.

Lucy was taught by Keith Critchlow at the Kings Foundation School of Traditional Arts, where she completed her MA after working in textile and fabric merchandising. She subsequently experienced a profound spiritual awakening which radically changed her creative process and gave her the impetus to paint full time.

LUCY HAS SHOWN HER WORK AT: The Decorative & Antiques Fair in Battersea ♦ Christies New York and London ♦ Rebecca Hossack London

HER CLIENTS INCLUDE: Ed O’Brien from Radiohead ♦ Boy George ♦ Davina McCall ♦ Bill Nighy


For further information contact [email protected] 


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