July 16


A small, award-winning charity hoping to expand its services supporting disabled and vulnerable people across Liverpool received plaudits from Government Minister and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Sport, Tourism, Heritage and Civil Society Stuart Andrew MP and National Lottery CEO David Knott following their recent visit to Liverpool.

The Anfield-based organisation, the brainchild of CEO Dave Kelly after he went blind almost overnight more than 30 years ago, put together the EuroMist Games day of sport with teams representing Great Britain, Ukraine and Germany. The day was dedicated to highlighting Daisy’s work in the field of disability, sport, diversity and inclusion.

Dave Kelly said: “It was an absolute pleasure meeting both Stuart and David. They were so approachable and easy to engage with in what was a very relaxed environment and a great showcase of the essential work that Daisy Inclusive delivers in supporting disabled and vulnerable people in our community.

“Perhaps most satisfying was their genuine words of encouragement and approval of what we do. Their feedback really highlighted Daisy’s continued need for support too.”

Activities for the EuroMist Games included wheelchair basketball and a Blind Football Penalty shoot-out, with teams from the likes of Daisy Inclusive UK, InterStellar Global,  Your Voice Your Choice, Onward Homes, LFC Foundation and Liverpool Life Rooms all participating.

Mr Andrew summed up what Dave Kelly and the whole Daisy Inclusive UK team wanted to hear: “It is amazing, you are a charitable community organisation that knows your community and the needs of the people and that’s what makes it tick for me. Supporting small charities is a passion of mine and we need to see what else we can do, thank you for what you do, it’s fantastic work.”

As well as ‘Inclusive Sport’, Daisy offers a range of activities including Socials and Disability Hate Crime initiatives, including Report and Support, Education and Employment.

Dave Kelly concluded:  “The EuroMIST was basically our regular Merseyside Inclusive Sports Tournament Games with a Eurovision slant. They empower organisations to support people with disabilities. We use Inclusive Sport too using ‘Reverse Inclusion’, where activities are designed with disability in mind and then include the non-disabled.”




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