September 18


Should specific breeds of dogs be banned or the people who breed and buy them?

That is the debate circling in the media right now after the PM’s comments about banning American XL Bully Dogs.

An acclaimed Liverpool veterinary surgeon Dr Paul Boland along with business colleague and dog trainer/behaviourist, Justine Shone have now joined the debate calling for severe consequences for breeders to discourage future new breeds from emerging.

Dr Paul Boland has been a Veterinary Surgeon for more than 30 years, and is an expert in canine reproduction, a breeder and champion show judge of Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

He said: “We believe that the proposed ban on American XL Bully dogs by the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is a knee jerk reaction from someone who does not understand the problem of dangerous dogs and is using this for political advantage.

“This is a very emotional and complex subject, but let’s concentrate on the breeding, buying, and training of so-called dangerous dogs. Look at the facts. Some breeds can become more aggressive towards other dogs and people due to bad breeding, plus, genetics plays a big part too. Dogs also need to be socialised properly.

Many of the ‘new’ breeds of dogs that have been imported and are now bred in the UK are a mixture of breeds and not pedigree dogs and subsequently, are not registered with the Kennel Club. Identifying a specific “breed” of dog is also becoming problematic too, almost impossible!

“In our many years of owning, treating, and training dogs we have come across many aggressive, dangerous dogs. The problem is that a small aggressive dog can bite your hand, but a much larger dog can kill a child or person.

“We believe that the fundamental problem is that too many people are breeding dogs for profit, symbolism, and protection. They do not care about the dogs. The other problem is the people who buy these types of dogs. They usually have no idea of how to train them, they generally buy them to breed for profit and for ego.

“For us, the issue is not about banning so called breeds when they are in many cases mongrels but to stop the breeding of them in the first place. There needs to be a debate on the breeding, selling, and purchasing of dogs in this country. This includes so called dangerous breeds but also, breeds that often have many health problems. That is a sad fact. I’m in favour of the law courts handing down heavy punishments to all those irresponsible.

Justine Shone, a highly experienced dog trainer and behaviourist who runs holistic and advisory pet care company, JP’s Natural Pet Supplements with Dr Paul Boland said:

“We need to look at the back street breeders, and irresponsible owners before blaming the breed of dog and start by holding people accountable for their dogs…there must be severe punishment.

“Unfortunately for this breed, significant numbers of people use the American XL Bully as a dangerous weapon. Given its potential harm, which would carry a prison sentence if it were another form of weapon. I am in favour of specific and regulated licenses for all powerful dogs. Owners should also have to take a test under the supervision of an experienced dog trainer to show their competence.

“Banning dogs will not change anything. Back street breeds will just breed another type of bull breed or another type of dog, the cycle will continue to go on and on. The law and the media headlines should be about controlling who owns these dogs, and backstreet breeders, and not about the breed of dogs. ends



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