Liverpool is a historic maritime city that has been created over 800 plus years alongside the River Mersey and our history is forever interlocked in the traditions, legends and mythologies of the sea. The three magnificent Liverpool waterfront buildings known as The Three Graces help to create one of the most iconic and well-known skylines in the world, a waterfront that has welcomed travellers and seafarers to our great city for many hundreds of years.

Now, three local entrepreneurs have introduced a new ‘Spirit of Liverpool’ – creating a beverage that we can happily fill our glasses with – before raising a toast to our wonderful city, a city that the trio are proud to call home.

The Three Graces Rose Gin was launched on Wednesday 16th May thanks to the kind hospitality of the splendid Matou Pan Asian Restaurant. The restaurant was very a fitting venue as it nestles on the Liverpool waterfront in the shadow of the the Royal Liver, Cunard and Port of Liverpool buildings – the ‘Three Graces’ – the buildings that inspired the new gin’s name. Each of these iconic Liverpool edifices tower in the background as the Matou diners enjoy their meal while overlooking the views afforded by the River Mersey.

During the launch of their great new drink, the three men responsible for the idea of creating ‘The Three Graces Rose Gin’ told the story of how they came up with the idea to introduce a new offering for gin drinkers to enjoy – and their decision to name it in honour of their home city.

Alan Hutchinson, his son Drew and their friend Sam Mercer are each gin drinkers, and last year they had a conversation about creating a new and fantastic Liverpool gin. Following further discussions about this ‘dream’ idea, the trio decided to go ahead with their plans and at the same time create a company image that evoked the centuries old seafaring heritage and traditions of our city, while also paying homage to the history and uniqueness of the three famous waterfront buildings that we are so lucky to have and enjoy here in Liverpool.

Alan said, “The uniqueness of our Liverpool waterfront buildings known as the Three Graces inspired us to create our defining company image and the theme of The Three Graces and so we agreed to name our company The Three Graces Liverpool Ltd. Our artistic and exclusively designed labels showing images of Liverpool’s three mythological sirens, The Three Graces, rising from the sea, will define our unique range of spirits worldwide.”

Drew explains their ethos, “We look upon our customers, clients and suppliers as our ‘market partners’. Our company motto of ‘Quality Service and Quality Products’ led us to the strong belief that we understand that you the public – and therefore our partners in this venture – would want, and will appreciate, a unique quality Rose Gin depicting the spirit of our Liverpool heritage.

The trio worked tirelessly to develop their fantastic The Three Graces Rose Gin’, essentially namedThe Spirit of Liverpool’, and are planning more flavours for the Three Graces product range, offering an exclusive and selective range of spirits for their market partners. With Alan, Drew and Sam being gin drinkers, they know what they like in a gin and also understand that fellow gin connoisseurs desire a quality gin product at an affordable price.

A lot of thought went into the creating of Three Graces Rose Gin. Alan described how the flavour was created to the trio’s specific requirements. “Our gin is comprised of eleven botanicals, including juniper berries, coriander, angelica, orange peel, lemon peel and the essence of roses. This gives the drink a unique rose flavour and colour to the gin, which is perfect to drink on its own, over ice or with your favourite tonic mixer or cocktail flavours.

The three men did not stop at creating the gin only. Alan adds, “Our exclusively made The Three Graces Rose Gin short stem glasses are not previously seen in the UK. They are made uniquely for our Gin and can only be supplied and bought from us. The trio all agree as they enthuse, “The lasting rose essence and flavour in our Three Graces Rose Gin lingers over the tongue and activates the taste buds to give you a flavour and taste to be enjoyed, savoured and remembered.”

The guests at the launch evening were certainly delighted with the new gin. Donna and Julia, who had travelled from Lathom and Ormskirk respectively, agreed that they would happily buy The Three Graces Rose Gin. Donna said, “I really enjoyed it. It has a really nice flavour and is easy to drink. The taste does linger and I could imagine sitting in the sun and sipping this gin while enjoying good company. I think it is a winner.” Julia was equally enthusiastic. “Bring it on for me! I think that it tastes great and it will be on my future shopping lists. The glasses are great too and I definitely want one to pour it into please.”

Sam summed up the trio’s thoughts, “We wanted to create a spirit that is unique to us, to our city and its heritage, and indeed, to our country. A gin providing a statement that says “This is who we are and this is what we do; The Three Graces Rose Gin, the ‘Spirit of Liverpool’ and a Rose Gin to remember! Judging by what the people here tonight are saying then we are on our way to achieving our aim.”

To purchase your bottle of The Three Graces Rose Gin please contact:

The Three Graces Liverpool Ltd

Suite 124, The Liverpool Film Studios • 124 Boundary Street • Liverpool L5 9YJ

Tel: 0151 482 5522 •

The unique Three Graces Rose Gin drinking glasses can also be bought via this method.