July 16

Pasta 51 Express

Liverpool’s first Italian pasta shop, launches on Whitechapel

Pasta 51 Express brings to Liverpool the new, fun and convenient way to enjoy classic Italian pasta dishes: PASTA IN A CONE! - Yes, you read that correctly - pasta in a cone - like a savoury cornetto!

It may sound surprising, but this is just the next step in the street food explosion that has been expanding across the country. What’s more? It’s Italian pasta, the UK’s favourite cuisine. But why in a cone? Well, we all live in a fast-paced world with few of us having the time to spare and enjoy a meal in a restaurant. Fast food, although quick, does not offer the quality many of us demand but Pasta 51 Express solves this problem by offering customers high quality, freshly made pasta dishes, served in a quick and convenient way, making it ideal to eat on the go.

 More good news is that the restaurant caters for everyone, offering gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and meat options.

It’s in his blood!

This new business venture is the brainchild of Attilio Sergi, a highly experienced restaurateur and food tech entrepreneur. Attilio has been successfully running restaurants in the Merseyside region for several decades.

Pasta making is in Attilio’s blood. He grew up in Leuca, Puglia, where his family grew Durum wheat crops used to produce the finest Italian pasta. As a child, he watched as his grandmother and mother made by hand the regional speciality pasta, orecchiette.

Sauces are prepared using local ingredients and are slow cooked to produce simple, beautifully aromatic dishes in the cucina povera style. Attilio honours his heritage; his pasta and sauces are made using traditional methods and recipes, but he has added a modern twist by serving them in a cone, rather than on a plate. It’s the real deal pasta served up for a modern lifestyle.

So how does it work? As you arrive at Pasta 51 Express you will witness Attilio and his team making a wide range of fresh pasta. You select your pasta, which is then cooked and topped with one of the amazing "slow cooked” sauces. You are in and out in a matter of minutes with a hot, filling and healthy meal.

 To inspire you to try new dishes, Attilio and his team are happy to advise on the most suitable pairings of fresh pasta types and sauces… as Attilio has pasta in his blood, what better guide can you have?!!!

About Pasta 51 Express

Launched on 15th July, Pasta 51 Express will be Liverpool’s first Italian Pasta Shop, or as they would call it in Italy, la Bottega della Pasta.

The variety of options this delightful new venue offers its customers is truly amazing; choose from the great selection of genuinely fresh authentic Italian pasta and pair it with deliciously slow cooked sauce options - all made fresh every day. Your pasta is made from the finest Durum Wheat and water – meaning that it’s suitable for all dietary requirements. Almost all items available are gluten free and customers can choose from vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian and meat sauces.

There is truly something for everyone!

Not only are these tasty pasta dishes available to consume immediately: you can select your fresh pasta from the counter, pick your preferred slow cooked sauce from the chiller and take them home to enjoy with friends and family at your leisure.

The “51 Cone”

Serving pasta in a cone has added a modern twist to the traditional Italian pasta dishes in order to bring you some truly memorable food (in fact, we dare say it, some of the finest in Liverpool) - you can just enjoy it in a fresh, convenient and different way!

There are many ways you can experience Pasta 51 Express: casual eat in, on the go, or delivered straight to your door.

 The Pasta 51 Express promise - handcrafted authentic Italian pasta, fasta! – means that in just about four minutes, you will be able to walk out with a cone filled with the freshest pasta, the finest ingredients and a family history in your own hands - because you don’t have to wait around for excellence!

Pasta 51 Express · 51 Whitechapel · Liverpool L1 6DT


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