May 13

Paalan and Sood’s Marketing nous brings repeated success


My Planet Liverpool magazine is always looking to interview established and up-and-coming talent in business and this month we spoke with Paalan Sood of Sood Marketing who’s had a great 12 months in spite of the pandemic.


Tell us about the unique selling points of your brand? 


We are a personal agency. We take time to get to know each client and honestly go above and beyond to deliver results. When there is something we can’t do well, or at all, we let the client know and find creative solutions to their problems. 


So what’s your direction for the next 6 to 12 months? 


Grow our development and web team. We want to host more websites with Barruko (Our dedicated Domain & Website Hosting Platform) and get at least 2-3 new website projects each month. We want to take on and service more clients with multiple faces or websites – we can help drive specific keyword traffic to sites and work on their socials etc. 


We also want to continuously enhance our delivery and the team we have in place to confidently take on even more big clients and deliver great results. 


We are steadily getting there and have recently been able to leverage people we know and our network to get us in front of huge brands, amongst others.


Have you tapped into any initiatives being offered to business within the region from various local and national agencies? 


Yes, Kickstart, it’s a great initiative, and there are so many young people we’ve been able to tap into. St Helens Chamber of Commerce has been a great help with this. We have taken on 6 placements so far with them. 


How has the last 6 to 12 months been for you? 


We have doubled our turnover, and the amount of client output delivered.


Have you seen growth in demand from particular sectors using your services? 


Definitely manufacturing. We’ve worked with many multi-channel businesses to generate leads from different sources, especially websites and social.


How do you think your business can grow stronger? 


By refining what we offer and keep getting more experienced people into appropriate positions to maintain key client relationships as well as ensure we continue to deliver high standards of work. We need to showcase our work more frequently, along with the results from clients who have been so complimentary.


What’s your ideal type of client? 


Niche businesses like RJ Woodworking, Granite House, Laros Greek and big companies that are looking to up their digital game. We are upfront and honest with our clients and if you have had a bad experience with a digital agency, let us help change your mind.


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