Organic September is now underway with Matta’s in full support


Organic September, The Month-Long Celebration Of Organic Products In The UK Is Now Underway.

Recent data from Nielsen showed that in the 52 weeks to the end of May 2020, organic food and drink sales grew by 6.1 per cent, almost double the growth of non-organic food and drink products (3.2 per cent).

In the 12 weeks to the end of May 2020, which included ten weeks of lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Nielsen data showed an 18.7 per cent increase in organic sales, compared with a 14.2 per cent rise in non-organic food and drink sales.

Clare McDermott, business development director at Soil Association Certification, commented: “I am really excited about this year’s Organic September campaign, which is bringing a unified and simple message: nature has the answer. With consumer habits shifting and people prioritising choices that are good for the environment and biodiversity, the time is now to move organic forward as a movement and get the message out there that a small swap can make a big difference. We feel confident that retailers, producers and farmers alike will get behind the campaign and we encourage them to make use of the brilliant resources that my team and I have been developing.”

“Alongside that,” the campaign revealed, “Soil Association Certification will be hosting webinars, virtual pop-ups and promoting listings pages which have seen record traffic over the past few months as people look for box schemes, their local independent shops and where to find organic products from beauty, food or fashion.”

Liverpool retailer Matta’s has one of the largest ranges of organic produce and products across the North West of England.

Co-owner Dalip Matta said: “There’s far more awareness now not just about the sustainability issues around buying organic. As supply has increased, that’s been reflected in many organic products carrying keener prices.

“For example, much of our fruit n veg range is cheaper than that of the major supermarkets. Many people are coming to realise that supermarkets put a premium price on many organic products whereas if you seek them out at independents, you’ll find a truer picture of their value.