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“The joy of watching life grow.”

North West Tanks is a Liverpool based aquarium rental and maintenance service that offers a number of tropical fish tanks in different shapes and sizes for your workplace, waiting room, school, care facility, gyms and spas or even your own home.

And if you already own your own aquarium but don’t want to do the dirty work, the company offers a quality maintenance service, enabling you to just sit back and enjoy watching your fish swim around in their wonderful surroundings.

North West Tanks has over 10 years’ experience in keeping fish and are so passionate about what they do that they are able to offer the best experience for all clients, along with an exceptional standard of customer service, because, “Not only do we care about our customers, but also their aquariums and their inhabitants too.”

Aside from the aesthetic look to having an aquarium in your home, workplace or restaurant, there are proven health benefits too. Studies and research into the health benefits of keeping a tank show that there can be a significant reduction in blood pressure for the elderly and calming behaviour in children with attention difficulties. The studies also show that an aquarium placed in dental practices has a calming effect on anxious patients, while a study carried out by a prominent university suggested bright coloured fish can reduce disruptive behaviour and improve eating habits in patients with Alzheimer’s.

Stress reduction, especially helpful in stressful environments, improved sleep quality, reduction in anxiety levels and a relief in depression and other mental health challenges can also be reduced thanks to having an aquarium on your premises.

Having an aquarium also gives our brains a chance to relax from technology. Watching an aquarium develop from the start – watching the fish grow, seeing them breed and watching the plants take over the tank – can give a sense of satisfaction. You also get the added benefit not having to take your inhabitants for a walk or watch them ruin your house or garden.

“If you don’t already own an aquarium, having your first fish tank can be a daunting experience but that is what we are here for. You let us know what kind of look would suit your home or workplace and what sort of fish temperament and size you would like and we do all the work for you.”

North West Tanks offer a number of different packages to suit your budget and needs. Aquarium rental and maintenance service can cost as little as £1.33 per day for workplace environments and 82p per day for home aquariums.

Service includes – but is not limited to – The setup of the tank • Acclimatising the fish or plants to their environment • Filling the tank and completing the nitrogen cycle • Periodic water changes and glass cleaning • Plant trimming • Algae removal • Gravel Vaccuming • Treatment of fish and making sure the tank is healthy at all times.

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