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National newspaper expresses praise for Liverpool’s The Three Graces Rose Gin


National Newspaper expresses praise for Liverpool's The Three Graces Rose Gin

On Saturday 31st July, Matt Nixson, Deputy Features Editor at Express Group and writer of the What’s Your Tipple? column in the Daily Express, featured an article on six spirits to “SEND YOURS SOARING” and his number one selection was Liverpool’s own ‘The Three Graces Rose Gin’.

Here is what Matt had to say about the popular spirit produced by The Three Graces Gin Ltd, run by local businessmen Alan Hutchinson and his son Drew.

“Named after the three iconic buildings on the Liverpool waterfront - The Liver Building, the Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool Building - The Three Graces has been making delicious Rose Gin in small batches for the past three years, using 11 botanicals and rose petal essence. Last year they launched Three Graces Cinnamon Honey Spiced Rum. Available from the and Amazon.”

Alan Hutchinson said, “As gin drinkers ourselves, we know what we like and our Three Graces Rose Gin flavour was created to specific requirements and contains eleven unique botanicals, including classic juniper berries, coriander, Angelica root, orange peel, lemon peel and the essence of roses among others. The full combination of our botanicals and flavours yields our unique rose flavour that is perfect to drink on its own over ice or with your choice of favourite tonic as a mixer or in cocktails.

The lasting rose essence and flavour in our Three Graces Rose Gin lingers over the tongue and activates the taste buds to enable you to enjoy a flavour and taste to be savoured. We wanted to create a spirit that is unique to us, our City and our country and especially to Liverpool’s rich heritage, saying who we are and what we do, ensuring that The Three Graces Rose Gin retains our ethos of ‘The Spirit of Liverpool - a Rose Gin to remember.”

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