My Planet Liverpool meets acclaimed holistic therapist Nina Ali


In the latest in an occasional series, My Planet Liverpool delves into the burgeoning health & wellness sector in Liverpool to meet one of the most respected reflexologists and aromatherapist practitioners in the city.

Nina Ali, founder of Nina’s Natural Clinic has been delivering holistic treatments to community organisations & corporate businesses alike for several decades.

As you’d expect, Nina is passionate about the therapies she uses and humbly describes the experience of witnessing the benefits for her clients as “an honour and joy to see them transform themselves via the treatments alongside them often being the catalyst for improving their overall lifestyle.

“I’ve been given incredible feedback over the years which supports the passion, knowledge and expertise I have and apply to every client.”

Commenting on her work with corporate businesses, Nina added: “The typical areas of the body that suffer for example, when operating in an office space, are head, neck and shoulder pain. Without any need to remove an item of clothing, these points can be massaged successfully in the comfort of a chair and are naturally very popular, especially given how efficient they are in terms of time and the stress-reducing benefits for that person and the company.

“2019 has seen a big rise in employers across the Merseyside region embrace wellness in the workplace and that’s presented many opportunities for me to demonstrate the power of holistic therapy and its impact on the wellness of an organisation or company’s team.”

As Nina’s Natural Clinic continues to grow, the business is currently planning its online strategy for 2020 with a new website and social media support.

“I’m taking the business into a new decade, working beyond the historically successful ‘word of mouth’ referral base to one with a strong online presence that will also generate & encourage dialogue on many topics in wellness & holistic health both within the workplace and life!”

Nina’s Natural Clinic also offers broader lifestyle advice to clients inspiring them to improve their health naturally along with sustaining wellness in the process.

“I have multiple case studies of clients who’ve gone from being curious about the therapies I deliver to becoming fans of adopting a wellness-centred approach to their daily lives. Whether that’s diet-based from the filtered water they drink to supplementation or a more mindfulness-based approach to life, it’s all very gratifying and satisfying to help people in this way.”

Nina’s Natural Clinic Treatments including Reflexology and Aromatherapy are now available in Mossley Hill at the Liverpool Back Clinic, 33 Dovedale Road, L18 5EP

When: The last & the first Wednesday of every month (from tomorrow Wednesday 27th November).

Health-Wealth investment: Just £40

Treatment Packages & Gift Vouchers also available

‘Nurturing your wellbeing naturally’ 💚

Contact Nina via Facebook to enquire further or email: