Mindfulness and EQ coach brings champion prowess into the boardroom


A decorated boxing champion, qualified accountant and property entrepreneur is using his decades of success to help transform the fortunes of businesses across Merseyside.

John Bullock of Pain Point Coach has recently pivoted his business into an online formula that is turning the heads of city directors thinking about their teams’ mental health in the return after lockdown.

John’s company which specialises in delivering a variety of workplace mindfulness techniques related to participating in sport explained more:

“It’s been a busy period over the last 2 months because so many companies I have spoken with and helped are all looking for similar outcomes.

“They want to help their teams reduce for example, negative stress and anxiety, maintain a cohesive team and create more energy at work.

“Many people re-entering the workplace shouldn’t expect themselves to be able to switch back on to optimal performance immediately and employers will be under pressure to assist that process.

“We’ve put together a series of courses to facilitate exactly that plus an online wellbeing school platform too.”

Further details of Pain Point Coach assistance for employers and employees can be found via www.painpointcoach.learnworlds.com