August 27

Back to Love Soul Weekender

Kim Tavar to star at the Back to Love Soul Weekender in Southport this week

Boston USA police officer is now a star on the UK soul circuit!

Kim Tavares’ musical alter ego Kim Tavar, is charting on radio stations in the United Kingdom and appears live in Southport this week at the Back to Love Weekender.

Over the past year, when Kim Tavares wasn’t busy at the Boston Police Department, she was grafting hard at writing and recording the tune My Story, which landed in February.

Earlier this month, she began enjoying success over here in the R&B charts whilst in the Spring of 2021, six of her songs were listed in Amazon’s U.K. Top 100 New Releases, plua her album peaked at number four on Amazon’s U.K. Hot New Releases R&B album chart. Some of her singles hit the charts too in November 2020.

Kim, having served on the Boston police force for 20 years, has nurtured a passion for music for much longer.

“I’ve always loved music,” she enthused. “I used to listen to a bunch of different albums back in the 70s. I also listened to the radio, and I’d listen to not just one type of music but I’d go up and down the dial of the radio, and when a song was playing, I’d sing that song…whether it was R&B soul, Motown, classic rock like the Eagles, country — I loved Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, that original country music. Once I would go up and down the dial I’d start all over again.”

Kim admits to having been shy in her youth but joined singing competitions as a single mother and eventually joined a few successful top 40 bands.

“I never gave up singing,” she insisted…Kim has has since performed at hundreds of police events.

“There are plenty of female independent artists out there, there are many African American female artists too, some that are single mums, but you’re not going to find a lot that are police officers!” she said.

“What I want the world to know is you have to have something outside of what you do to level out that stress. Something that makes you happy, something that makes you calm down, something that makes you feel like you’re helping others.”

Kim is really looking forward to visiting Southport this weekend and appearing in person at the Back to Love Weekender at the swanky Bliss Hotel on the seafront.

Her tunes “Movin’,” “Love Me for Me,” and “Isaiah” along with track “Trippin Together” have been attracting huge acclaim on soul-inspired radio stations across the UK and she already has quite a following. Her current single called 1+1 don’t equal 3 released on Friday August 13 and is also currently in the Amazon UK top 100 R&B new releases, reaching number 3.

Founder of the Back to Love Weekender Dave Cyrus confirmed, “Kim is a big draw for us alongside a very talented roster of artists and DJs. She’s really caught the imagination and ears of the sophisticated soul music fan online and it will be a very special weekend to see her perform in person.”

Virtually all accommodation across Southport is now sold out such has been the anticipation for Back to Love with just a few tickets remaining for the Friday to Sunday event.


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