Success Code secrets unlocked in award-winning author’s second book


Proud Liverpudlian Steve’s goodwill gesture to local businesses on Merseyside

Liverpudlian best-selling author Steve McNicholas is all set to release another predicted hit with his second book Unlocking the SUCCESS Code®: The 7 Step Process to Succeed in Life and Work next month.

After a successful thirty-year executive career across several businesses and industries, Steve formed his own consultancy and training business, Moldan Consulting in 2018. 

His aim was to help all businesses, from SME to mid and large corporates, to understand and then to apply his critical SUCCESS Code® insights and strategies to achieve key business goals. 

Steve, who also works one-to-one with key leaders and managers within their business to achieve the same aims, rose to critical acclaim amongst business audiences with his first book, Recipe for Success, co-authored with New York Times best-selling author Jack Canfield, in early 2019.  

Speaking about his latest book, Steve said: “In essence, I’m looking to use my 30 year business career plus a decade of personal research on what drives and ensures success, to help as many organisations as possible to do exactly that, at an individual and team level.

“Examples of some of the key challenges I help with include businesses not hitting key goals, targets and objectives and who are looking for a way to fix the issue. I also work with management teams that need a fresh approach to leading their teams more effectively plus those concerned with the reputational impact of business leaders when the team isn’t delivering and how to deal with that.”

Steve is now looking to help several local businesses in his home city of Liverpool over the summer and early Autumn. “I’m offering consultancy services FREE OF CHARGE for a half-day masterclass, workshop or speaking seminar in return for a small donation to the MS charity, something close to my heart following my father’s twenty year battle with the disease.”

Steve has held several director and executive roles throughout his career, including executive positions at Santander Group, Royal Bank of Scotland and TransUnion, and consulted for several organisations across the UK.  He has successfully led businesses and teams across the UK and internationally and continuously sought to develop his business education by participation in programmes at The Liverpool University Management School and Harvard Business School.